I come from a rich heritage of Spanish and Basque ancestors. In fact my last name, Larramendi, means meadow-mountain in Basque.

Since my early childhood I had a deep connection to nature. I sought the natural world wherever I could find it when I was in need of comfort or calming. I didn’t actually recognize this as a spiritual practice until I went on my first Vision Quest in 1989. That Quest transformed me forever, for it was the first time I began to understand the relationship of spirituality and the Earth, and that this ancient understanding was rooted in something called shamanism.

I began my shamanic studies immediately afterward, first through classes with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and then through numerous teachers from different Shamanic disciplines. 

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But these teachings primarily gave me tools to navigate through a deep personal initiation that began to unfold in my life. I had many unresolved wounds and deep emotional scars which profoundly affected how I walked my life. These wounds and scars were a shadow that developed into a crisis in my life of dramatic proportions which transformed me forever.

I would be lying if I said that this personal annihilation wasn’t of my own making…like falling off a cliff of my personal blind spot. Yet the Spirits knew that the only way I would face my fears was to be “cooked” in them…to walk through the fire till I could make ‘Big Medicine’ of the inner shadows that stalked me.

So the initiation began, and my teacher was the Wilderness.

Shamans have a distinctive relationship with the wilderness, their natures are not altogether human, but, rather, wild. They live in a unique balance with things that are natural and draw their wisdom from the rhythms and cycles of life and nature…they are the wilderness. They know that the Earth flows through their veins like streams down a mountain and that all teachings of balance, love, compassion and wisdom are held in the bones of the Earth.

I did not understand that this was the nature of what I was becoming, I was just frightened, lonely, severely depressed and in deep pain…yet I discovered in the whispering of the trees and the miraculous visits of animals and Spirits during my desperate times, that there was a profound love and tenderness that this beautiful Grandmother Earth would yield. It is in these experiences that I transformed and grew the roots for my teaching and healing work.

I take great joy in helping people on their healing paths. By sharing these Shamanic tools, each person can learn to heal themselves and find a way to develop their own divine relationship with the Great Mystery. Although I teach many different Shamanic techniques, the teachings of greatest passion for me are those that deepen our relationship with the Earth and the Creator.

I feel blessed with a life full of beauty and magic and hope to have a place in the countryside where I can live, practice and teach the Spiritual Medicine of the Earth.

In addition to my private healing practice, I am also a minister who performs ceremonies to honor birth, death and marriage in my community. I teach numerous workshops on Shamanism, from basic levels to advance levels. My passion is teaching and practicing Earth Healing and I have an apprenticeship dedicated to educating practitioners on this topic. This is an area of my passion, where I have chosen to specialize my Shamanic knowledge. I am also a founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practice, an organization created to support the re-emergence of using Shamanism as a form of Spiritual Healing in our culture and integrating it with western medicine.

If you have questions, or wish to be on an email list for workshops, you may contact me at anawasi@thehollowbone.com.

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