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The Hollow Bone sponsors workshops on shamanism and related topics by various experts in the field. These workshops vary in length and cost and some require certain prerequisite classes or experience. The instructors are chosen for their expertise and integrity. In general, these classes are located in southern Wisconsin.

Our best intentions have been put into scheduling the events in this calendar. Unforeseen circumstances occasionally arise that cause changes. Please call to confirm dates, times and location of classes that interest you.


This website is currently under construction. Until it is completed, I will be notifying people via my newsletter about all class changes and updates. If you wish to get the most recent updates on workshops, please click on the tab below to be placed on our email list. Your name will never be sold or used for anything other than these notifications, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


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2015 Upcoming Workshops & Events!

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The list below are the current workshops for 2015.

For full descriptions, click on the pdf which can also be printed for workshop registration.

For workshops without a pdf please email or call the sponsor directly.


Wednesday, April 15th 4:00-5:15 p.m.

  • Where: University of Wisconsin Whitewater, Winther Hall, Room 3002
    800 W. Main Street Whitewater, WI 53190
  • Topic: Andean Indigenous Perspectives of Mental Health and Mental Illness
    Thursday, April 16th 5:30-7:00 p.m.
  • Where: Madison College, Truax Campus, Room C1435
    1701 Wright Street Madison, WI 53704
  • Topic: Traditional Healing & Andean Cosmology
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COMMUNITY CEREMONY: EARTH DAY & PACHAMAMA DAY: With Adolfo Ttito Condori & Ana Larramendi. Friday, April 24, 2015. 6:00-8:30pm. Bethel Horizons, Dodgeville, WI
In the Peruvian Andes, Pachamama Day (August 1st) is an annual ceremony of giving thanks to the Mother Earth. Come join our guest from Peru, Adolfo Ttito Condori, for a beautiful evening of learning about Pachamama Day and then creating a group ceremony for giving thanks to the Mother Earth!
Call Ana Larramendi to sign up: 608-255-4333/text: 608-669-8949
Open to the public. $10-$20 Donation suggested.
Click here for full: Description and Registration


DESPACHOS, SACRED OFFERINGS AND SPIRITUAL PRACTICES OF THE ANDES (Adolfo Ttito Condori) Ana Larramendi translating. April 21-24, 2015. Dodgeville, WI (Early deadline Feb. 20th).
Open to all shamanic practitioners, and those on a spiritual path.
Join us for a delightful opportunity to study with Adolfo and learn a broad range sacred offerings that are commonly used to support daily life in the Peruvian Andes. We will learn about despachos (sacred mandala offerings), Apachetas (Stone Cairns built at sacred sites) and do a group ceremony at an important group of Effigy Mounds on Earth Day (Apr. 22)
Click here for full: Description and Registration

THE HEALER’S MESA --HAMPEQ MISA: (Adolfo Ttito Condori) Ana Larramendi translating. April 25-28, 2015. Dodgeville, WI (Early deadline Feb. 20th).
Open to all MESA CARRIERS.
The Hampeq Misa (also called the hampi misa) is a very specific type of misa whose primary purpose is healing. Typically containing huchas rumis (stones who specifically remove hucha) we will learn more details about this fascinating type of misa in this Master Class, and new ways to work with the healer’s mesa.
Suggested preparation: If you have not studied with Adolfo or one of his students before, I highly recommend that you attend the class: The Mesa and Andean Cosmology (#4 above!). Which will cover many of the practices and terminology that Adolfo uses
Click here for full: Description and Registration


A 3-day experiential workshop integrating shamanism and wilderness awareness.
May 8-10, 2015. Dodgeville, WI
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EARTHTENDERS: A New Paradigm for Earth Healing--A Shamanic Apprenticeship of Land Healing: (Ana Larramendi & staff)

Meeting dates: First meeting: Aug. 27 to Sept. 3, 2015. Dodgeville, WI. (Early deadline July 10th)
Session 2 & 3. (2016) Spring and Fall of 2016 (TBA)
Sessions 4. Spring of 2017 (TBA)

(Closed to new participants after 1st meeting) 2016 dates will be posted as they become available.

This advanced level 2-year apprenticeship is for students of shamanism who seek to develop the skills necessary to facilitate earth healing for our changing times.
This unique in-depth training weaves together many traditions of shamanism as well as new esoteric concepts in quantum healing which include working with presence and light. These practices will then be applied to healing the planet. In this apprenticeship we will study the anatomy and cosmology of earth energy systems from a spiritual perspective. For those distraught about the coming earth changes, these teachings will provide a grounded beginning to answering the question, “What can I do?” as well as participating in crafting new ways to assist and support the earth. By developing specialized shamanic skills, we will learn to identify an imbalance and create an intervention to bring a place back into balance.
Click here for full : Description and Registration


Michael Harner's Power Soul Retrieval Training™
Taught by Timothy Cope, to be held October 31 & Nov. 1, 2015.
Or check out the Foundation's website for other possibilities: www.shamanism.org
For more information Contact: Geraldine Ordaz morgan@avalonshamanic.com


For workshops without a pdf please email or call the sponsor directly.

Please contact me for more information on any of these classes.
Ana Larramendi: (608)255-4333 or coyote@thehollowbone.com